Intimacy Coordinator

Intimacy Coordinator

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“David Thackeray has also worked with Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison on Sex Education. I remember two scenes – that of the kiss between Ola and Lily and that of their first antics – whose execution was brilliantly managed by David. He manages to create a superb working environment.”

-Ita O’Brien (Konbini Biiinge article) Sex Education-

Since 2017 David Thackeray has been working to promote best practice within the industry when working with intimate scenes. An experienced Intimacy Coordinator he has worked on numerous high profile productions for international broadcasters including Netflix, Warner Bros, Apple Tv, BBC, Channel 4, Sky and HBO.

Thackeray also teaches Intimacy Coordination at Drama Schools and festivals internationally. He teaches regularly at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Guildford School of Acting.

“An amazing guy called David Thackeray came on board and did several days with us.”

-Ben Taylor Director of Sex Education – (Lad Bible)-