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When a group of girl dancers discover boys on the new dating app Swiperr they hold a party for them all before they begin rehearsals for a dance competition and inadvertently let a murderer into their midst.  One by one the girls disappear and the kidnapper/murderer leaves only dead crows and cryptic clues in their place. The girls must fight to unravel the clues and escape the murderer.

Main Cast: Toyah Willcox, Sophie Ward and Jenny Wu with Elliott Rogers, Ellie Bindman, Melissa de Winter, Clair Gleave and Leah McKenzie, David Thackeray and Liam Rock.

Director: Jane Sanger

Director of Photography: Robbie Anderson

Producers: Andrew Dymond, Justin P Richards

Editor: Ashley P Saunders

Color Grader: Ross Yeandle